Monday, February 11, 2008

Convento San Agustin

(Quito, Ecuador)- One of the highlights of the guided tour of Old Town was an old colonial church, convent, and monastery called El Convento San Agustin. 

It houses some of Ecuador's treasures- its' documents of independence, and restored paintings from the prolific Miguel de Santiago.

The paintings were a marvel to me, especially because they are stored outdoors. These are national treasures, but they can be stored outside because the weather is rarely very humid. My kind of place.

Quito's Declaration of Independence from Spain.

One of Miguel de Santiago's numerous restored paintings. The ornate nature of the church and convent reminded me a great deal of The Alhambra, in Grenada, Spain. There are connections, of course, thanks to the colonial ties of Ecuador to Spain. I especially noticed Moorish details in the stonework on the walkways, although the golden pineapples on the ceiling is also reminiscent. And yes, it is real gold on the frame of the painting, and on the pineapples.

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