Saturday, February 16, 2008

Otavalo, Part 1 - The Drive

(Otavalo, Ecuador)- Parts of the drive from Quito to Otavalo along Highway 35 rivaled the views found on the Pacific Coast Highway in California. That's a lofty comparison, but I can make it with some authority, having now ridden both.

This roadway hugs the sides of mountains and overlooks rivers in gorges. The winding, near-switchback roads made me glad a former policeman was driving. The limestone mountains have caves hollowed into them. And, thanks to the recent rains, the cacti are in bloom. The shortcomings? It lacks an ocean view and some areas are marred by graffiti. Have a look for yourself.

I had a stiff neck on arrival at Otavalo, from looking almost continuously out the window!

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