Sunday, February 17, 2008

Extinct Volcano

(Nublin, Ecuador)- On the way to La Mitad del Mundo, we were treated to an excellent sidebar- the extinct volcano Pululahua.

The volcano is thought to have last erupted more than 2,000 years ago. Nobody thinks it's going to erupt again, least of which the farmers and homeowners who reside inside the crater! Observe:

Farming inside the crater of a volcano. Makes right-of-way work seem exceptionally safe!

Along the roadway to the volcano sits a modern interpretation of an indigenous temple. There is a nice museum inside, with displays and dissertations on things important to the indigenous peoples of the Andes.

It can't be more than five years old. An impressive structure, though.

A man in ceremonial garb whistles through a traditional instrument. He also danced around a cauldron of burning insense to tribal drums.

Ame makes nice with a local llama on site. Isabel isn't convinced the llama is her friend.

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