Saturday, February 23, 2008

Guayaquil Flooding

(Guayaquil, Ecuador)- While the weather in Quito had been damp and chilly, it had been much warmer in Quayquil, but with torrential rains for days, with massive flooding here and in many other coastal South American locations.

Here are two of Ame´s pictures from the air, as we approached Guayaquil´s Simon Bolivar Airport.

Guayaquil is Ecuador´s largest city, with a population of over 2 million. The city must be on higher ground, as it was seemingly untouched. The farms, on the other hand...

I was told by a Galapagos native that the slim upside is that for the rice crops grown in Guayquil´s farms, irrigation will be unnecessary. We saw the pictures on TV of already impoverished subsistence farmers thrown out of their homes, and assume he did too. Maybe he has a dark sense of humor?

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