Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sea Lions

(Isla San Cristobol, Galapagos)- As advertised, the sea lion population on San Cristobol is enormous. You don´t have to work very hard at all to find them. Just go to the beach and be still for a moment. If their movement doesn´t catch your eye, you will soon enough hear their barks, or smell them, if there are enough out of water.

Two sea lions play in Academy Bay, with the police station in the background. To the left of this scene, there is a boat that is beached in the sand, under which some dozen or so sea lions always can be found hiding from the sun. At night, 200-300 sea lions congregate here on the beach.

Ame´s photo of a baby sea lion, full of curiosity. In the water, the younger sea lions (especially) will try to get you to swim with them.

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