Friday, February 22, 2008

Last Day of School in Quito

(Quito, Ecuador)- Our last day of school was made extra special as Ame´s insructor invited her to bring Isabel to school.
¡Listo! ¡Vamos!
Isabel loved the crowded busses in Quito. They were usually absurdly full of people during rush hours.

We really enjoyed how our fellow students were having fun with Isabel at the school.

Isabel is on the top floor, with June. Isabel remained pretty shy with most of the students, although after two days of tourist activity with June, they were on best-pal terms.

Our last day included some instruction, exams, and then making a traditional meal. It was a bit dry for me at this point, since Sonia had shown me how to make several Ecuadorian platos tipicos. After helping with the preparation, I played poker with Bas, Hanna, and Richard while the food cooked. The meal was a fun way to spend our last action together. I was hoping to return in the evening for additional poker fun, but time conspired against me. Lindsay plyed peekaboo with Isabel, and then we left.
The Galapagos Islands are next!

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